Terminology Management:
brand memory

Consistency of your brand terminology is essential. We put in place management tools adapted to your requirements: glossaries, translation memories, references, client preferences, translation policies, style charts, etc. These tools ensure that your translations are of the highest quality, reduce delivery time and therefore costs.

Digital Integration: the digital native

From e-learning content to a localisation kit, we can integrate your translations directly on your digital platforms. Based on your needs we can contact your digital agencies and IS departments to ensure that the technical aspects of internationalisation are taken into account.

Audiovisual Adaptation: from talk to text

  • Transcription (with or without time-codes)
  • Subtitling (translation, adaptation and insertion of subtitles on video)
  • Voice-off and voice-over (translation, casting, studio recording and mixing)
  • Lip-sync dubbing (translation and synchronised adaptation, casting, studio recording, mixing)

Subsidiary coordination:
ease of exchange

In order to save you time, when your project needs to be translated into different languages, we manage communication with the different country subsidiaries involved. This step allows you to optimize your deadlines while guaranteeing a better quality of the final contents.

Linguistic Coaching: training for success

For your PowerPoint presentations as well as your conferences and seminars, our linguistic coaches can help you prepare content and improve the fluidity and effectiveness of your speech in your chosen language.

Page Layout and DTP: style and content

We have a pool of specialised designers skilled in all media types to ensure a seamless integration of our translations in your original format. Each and every version is reviewed to ensure correct typography, date format, word division, etc.

comprehensive service, from A to Z

We are with you as you create beauty. We can support you in designing and copywriting your training files, guides, sales manuals, POS animations, e-learning and press files in a style best suited to your needs and your brand.

Editing and proofreading:
attention to detail

Just one mistake can undermine your message. Our editors not only revise translations, but also original texts written by clients not using their native language to ensure that mistakes, style errors and ambiguities are eliminated in the source document. Your message, then, reaches your target audience with full force.

Website Localisation: expert guidance

The ability to skilfully master language, technology and deadlines is critical to the success of your international projects. We will provide a tailored multidisciplinary team, which brings with it considerable experience in this field, to work in close collaboration with your IT department.

Interpreting: face-to-face business

Seminars, conferences, negotiations, public relations… Our interpreters are masters in every technique you may require: simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, and chuchotage (whispered interpreting).We provide all the necessary tools for every event.

Translation: the choice of words

A good translation respects the specific vocabulary and codes of the sector in question, highlights a brand’s particular lexical field, and reflects the culture and linguistic characteristics of the intended audience. For this reason, we only work with native-language translators.